WoMoz Maker Party at Women’s MODEL College

Well, I always knew I’m the laziest guy; But his event was an exception;
I had been busy with my summer-traveling but could not go far as before; I need to arrange this event ; Which sounded to be painful for me, but when I had done the event I felt like it was one of the best days of the summer vacation;
Maker-party at a college; I would like to thank Laura de Reynal and Gauthamraj Elango for their suggestions 🙂



The event started with an introduction of webmaker .


I know I look like a ghost on the image 😛 The photographer did not come in time as it was raining heavily outside 🙁


There were about 40 girls on the event who were excited to know how to make apps as I said them they’ll be able to make apps using the Appmaker;

Then I started the main session, described all the parts of Appmaker and how it works; There were lots of questions and I answered them;


After the session they started making apps by themselves; Some volunteers and I helped them to make the app;


As the event was of about 2:30 hours only few girls could make apps instant; Rest of them are making their apps at home 🙂


The college principal attended the event and gave away cool swags from Mozilla; The event would be more awesome if the swags are of Webmaker;


They All were happy and thanked us for the event;


We then took lots of selfies 😛


I personally thank all the participants for being so cool with technology and asking me lots of questions;


Finally I can say, it is just  the beginning of the WoMoz at my city; There will be lots of events and Mozilla will get lots of contributors ;

I want to thank Emma, Konstantina, Priyanka, Neethu, Ioana, Dian, Rara, Marwa, Ola, Nidhiya, Areeja, Fausya and Parvathy for their suggestions 🙂 And the teachers of the colleges are really helpful, I could not do the vent without you 🙂

I believe “One of the most courageous things you can do is identify yourself, know who you are, what you believe in and where you want to go.”

Few Links and Names of the makes of the girls; [Will be updated if anything new they build later 🙂 ]

1. https://questionable-lift-103.webmak.es/app : Sanjida Akter Lipa
2. https://detailed-agreement-796.webmak.es/app : Marjana Jahan Lisa
3. https://gainful-twig-748.webmak.es/app         :Sanjim Nahar Mily
4. https://overconfident-crow-1.webmak.es/app    : Afsana Jahan Nuha
5. https://uptight-bridge-123.webmak.es/app    :Sunsita Debnath
6. https://naive-furniture-40.webmak.es/app    : Suborna Begum
7. https://alleged-finger-902.webmak.es/app    : Sumyaya Julfa Chy
8. https://delightful-list-892.webmak.es/app    : Muhe Us Sunnah Mahi
9. https://steadfast-bee-25.webmak.es/app    : Abida Sultana Liza
10. https://excited-shame-485.webmak.es/install : Tayba rahman Chy