Windows 10 Community Activation Campaign

24th December, the day before Christmas, I with few cool Mozilla volunteers did a campaign at my campus entitled “Windows 10 Community Activation Campaign”.

I had a plan to do this event on October, but we had few obstacles at the university (exams, political, vacations etc.) . The thing is I could finally have a chance to activate the windows 10 community at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology. The agendas of the event were as follow:

  • Introductions
  • Share your story as Mozilla contributor
  • Define Goals,Target markets,Strategy
  • Flip participants back to Firefox in Windows 10
  • Make some memes by amplify the message
  • Possible ways to organize more campaigns
  • Ask participants for new idea how they can run this Campaign throughout the year
  • Snacks
  • Feedback
  • Swag Distribution
  • Group photo

We tried to cover almost all the agendas. We printed few banners for the publicity at the campus.

Banner Outside

The event started with an introduction.


We had few chats about why we were there and what are the goals of the campaign.


After the introduction the main program started.

Happy Starting

We discussed about the Goals,Target markets and Strategy of Firefox for Windows 10.

time to set Firefox as Default Browser

The main goal of the event was to demonstrate the participant how they can set Firefox as their default browser on their Windows 10 devices. I showed them the way to make Firefox as their default browser.

Set Firefox as Default

Then I demonstrated the features of latest Firefox.

Super speedy Browser

Really it was hard for me to make the participants believe the speed of Firefox 😛

I showed the participants how they can customize Firefox as they like.

Then there were few questions for me from the participants.

Question Answering.

I answered every question and started discussing about internet privacy . How Firefox is a good tool to keep us safe.

We watched Firefox promotional videos from YouTube.

Internet Privacy awareness


We got 3 local celebrities on our event 😀 [Album] Thanks to them for coming and giving time.

Then I asked if anybody faced problems while using Firefox. Then something happened ; Lots of complains were coming from them. I used sticky notes to collect them.


And gave the solutions to the problems they raised.

I showed them few tips and tricks of  Firefox (about:config, sync, refreshing Firefox, Unicode font support etc. )

How People Can Contribute to Mozilla

Eventually the program ended with group photo and comments on sticky notes.

oops! I forgot to mention something. Participants were given small token of love from Mozilla (yes people, I’m saying about the swags!)


Buttons (Swags)

We shouted saying Mozilla while taking the group photo. You’re lucky that images don’t record sound 😀 It they did, you could hear a roar 🙂

Group Photo

Group Photo

I would like to thank Professor Dr Syed Badiuzzaman Faruque for permitting us for doing this program. And thank you herhighnessness for your supports.

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