Outcome of ‘MozCoffee at SUST’

Cool Banner :P
Cool Banner 😛

It was my second offline event after becoming the Mozilla Representative with lots of cool swags. Thanks Konstantina for the swags.

Swags for the Participants
Swags for the Participants

Event started with an introduction and a short demonstration about ‘How to make Firefox os apps’.

Lecture on 'How to Make Firefox OS Apps'
Lecture on ‘How to Make Firefox OS Apps’

Then the main part of the event started; the app hacking. 18 cool youngsters gone wild with codes 😉

App Hacking Started
App Hacking Started

They were given guidelines the whole session:

Busy with App Hacking
Busy with App Hacking

They thought, got app idea and started journey with a new world of Firefox os.

helping 2

They coded, they laughed, and they made fun!

Code Runs!
Code Runs!

What could be more amazing than running your first FireFox app on simulator?

YAY!!! My app is running on simulator!
YAY!!! My app is running on simulator!

We had a lunch break and refreshment break before the app demonstration started;

temsed hacker
Tonmoy and Ishtiaq thinking to make the “Perfect Match” 😛
ভাই আমি কিছুই পারি না!! 😛
আমি IELTS এ যাই পাই না কেন, এপ দিয়া স্কোর হিসাব করুম 😀
আইজকা কিছু একটা বানাইয়াই ফালামু! 😛

They started demonstrating Then.

demonstration 1
আমি ফিউচার নভোচারী 😛 আমার এপ হইলো ‘Astro Calendar’!
demonstration 4
আগেই কইসিলাম, আমি কিন্তু IELTS এ ১০/১০ পামু 😛
demonstration 3
আমরা পারফেক্ট ম্যাচ! আর কিছু কওয়া লাগবো? 😀
demonstration 2
ভাই, আমার এপ দিয়া আপনি ‘Minions’ দের ভাষা বুঝতে পারবেন। 😉

Then we took photos. And distributed the swags!


1st prize
ভাই, ‘কি দরকার ছিলো এইসবের?’ 😛
2nd prize
ম্যাচ পাইসি 😀 😀
3rd prize
আমার চাইতে ভালো ‘পোজ’ আর কে দিতে পারবে? 😛

Lets shout “Mozilla”!!! 😀 😀

yay 1
জোরসে বল, “মজিলা” ! আরো জোরে, “মজিলা” 😉 🙂

The apps build on that day are:



Participant Name

His/Her App Name

Abu Sabik Mahdi


Saleh Tonmoy

Perfect Match

Sourov Das Shuvo

Astro Calendar

Joyonta Modak

Firefox OS App Tutorial

Piali Dey

Beauty Queen

Shahin Ahmed

Sylhet Tourist Guide

Muhammad Muhiuddin Apu


Kazi Mainul Islam

Fun With Minions

Sabrin Nowrin

Morse Code Trainer

Kowshik Das

Class Routine

Yasir Sarkar

Bangla Chora

Sakibul Islam Shishir

Keep an Idiot Busy

Omar Sohrab

Mojar Chora