Firefox OS App UI & UX Training at SUST

A workshop on Firefox OS App UI & UX training was organized at PGD lab, SUST on 19th may. The main concentration was to train the participants on Firefox OS App User Interface designing. Around 45 Participants of different working levels attended the event from  Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Metropoliton University Sylhet and Sylhet Engineering College


It was organized mainly for advanced students who have been working for a good amount of time on Firefox OS. There were also a large number of participants who showed interest as beginners.


The main part was taken by Ashraful Prium , a proud Mozillian.


Participants were introduced to different tools of UI designing like – bootstrap, Iconic framework, Angular.js, etc.

Also discussion on problems faced by several participants about designing UI was held at the tail end of the event.

The Event Finally Ended with some Group Photos or inspired Mozillians and FSA


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