Windows 10 Community Activation Campaign

24th December, the day before Christmas, I with few cool Mozilla volunteers did a campaign at my campus entitled “Windows 10 Community Activation Campaign”.

I had a plan to do this event on October, but we had few obstacles at the university (exams, political, vacations etc.) . The thing is I could finally have a chance to activate the windows 10 community at Shahjalal University of Science and Technology. The agendas of the event were as follow:

  • Introductions
  • Share your story as Mozilla contributor
  • Define Goals,Target markets,Strategy
  • Flip participants back to Firefox in Windows 10
  • Make some memes by amplify the message
  • Possible ways to organize more campaigns
  • Ask participants for new idea how they can run this Campaign throughout the year
  • Snacks
  • Feedback
  • Swag Distribution
  • Group photo

We tried to cover almost all the agendas. We printed few banners for the publicity at the campus.

Banner Outside

The event started with an introduction.


We had few chats about why we were there and what are the goals of the campaign.


After the introduction the main program started.

Happy Starting

We discussed about the Goals,Target markets and Strategy of Firefox for Windows 10.

time to set Firefox as Default Browser

The main goal of the event was to demonstrate the participant how they can set Firefox as their default browser on their Windows 10 devices. I showed them the way to make Firefox as their default browser.

Set Firefox as Default

Then I demonstrated the features of latest Firefox.

Super speedy Browser

Really it was hard for me to make the participants believe the speed of Firefox 😛

I showed the participants how they can customize Firefox as they like.

Then there were few questions for me from the participants.

Question Answering.

I answered every question and started discussing about internet privacy . How Firefox is a good tool to keep us safe.

We watched Firefox promotional videos from YouTube.

Internet Privacy awareness


We got 3 local celebrities on our event 😀 [Album] Thanks to them for coming and giving time.

Then I asked if anybody faced problems while using Firefox. Then something happened ; Lots of complains were coming from them. I used sticky notes to collect them.


And gave the solutions to the problems they raised.

I showed them few tips and tricks of  Firefox (about:config, sync, refreshing Firefox, Unicode font support etc. )

How People Can Contribute to Mozilla

Eventually the program ended with group photo and comments on sticky notes.

oops! I forgot to mention something. Participants were given small token of love from Mozilla (yes people, I’m saying about the swags!)


Buttons (Swags)

We shouted saying Mozilla while taking the group photo. You’re lucky that images don’t record sound 😀 It they did, you could hear a roar 🙂

Group Photo

Group Photo

I would like to thank Professor Dr Syed Badiuzzaman Faruque for permitting us for doing this program. And thank you herhighnessness for your supports.

Event Link:

Flicker Album:

Firefox Growth MozCoffee in Sylhet

Well, to me a rainy day is the perfect day for sleeping 😛

But 12th June was an exception;

I organized a MozCoffee on Spicy Restaurant & Party Center  ; It is a campaign to celebrate the latest update of Firefox that helps Firefox fans to invite the people in their network to download Firefox and continue the chain further even after the event.


The event started with an introduction of Mozilla and it’s products;



There were 32 participants on the event; All were requested to bring their laptops and android phones so that we could download Firefox as the main goal of the event was download Firefox’s latest version;



They shared the event on social media;







We had coffee and discussed the problems of Firefox;





I then showed them few tricks with Firefox browsers ; How they can solve the problems easily by themselves;



Took a note of the problems and suggestions;



Wait I forgot something! We had some cool FoxYeah stickers 🙂




We took decision about arranging a Firefox Hackathon (both PC and Android Version) ; We had some cool developers from different universities, they are too excited to join on such events;

To Firefox!


The event was ended with group photos 🙂




All images of the event:

Event hashtags: #FoxYeah , #MozillaatSylhet , #FirefoxatSylhet

WoMoz Maker Party at Women’s MODEL College

Well, I always knew I’m the laziest guy; But his event was an exception;
I had been busy with my summer-traveling but could not go far as before; I need to arrange this event ; Which sounded to be painful for me, but when I had done the event I felt like it was one of the best days of the summer vacation;
Maker-party at a college; I would like to thank Laura de Reynal and Gauthamraj Elango for their suggestions 🙂



The event started with an introduction of webmaker .


I know I look like a ghost on the image 😛 The photographer did not come in time as it was raining heavily outside 🙁


There were about 40 girls on the event who were excited to know how to make apps as I said them they’ll be able to make apps using the Appmaker;

Then I started the main session, described all the parts of Appmaker and how it works; There were lots of questions and I answered them;


After the session they started making apps by themselves; Some volunteers and I helped them to make the app;


As the event was of about 2:30 hours only few girls could make apps instant; Rest of them are making their apps at home 🙂


The college principal attended the event and gave away cool swags from Mozilla; The event would be more awesome if the swags are of Webmaker;


They All were happy and thanked us for the event;


We then took lots of selfies 😛


I personally thank all the participants for being so cool with technology and asking me lots of questions;


Finally I can say, it is just  the beginning of the WoMoz at my city; There will be lots of events and Mozilla will get lots of contributors ;

I want to thank Emma, Konstantina, Priyanka, Neethu, Ioana, Dian, Rara, Marwa, Ola, Nidhiya, Areeja, Fausya and Parvathy for their suggestions 🙂 And the teachers of the colleges are really helpful, I could not do the vent without you 🙂

I believe “One of the most courageous things you can do is identify yourself, know who you are, what you believe in and where you want to go.”

Few Links and Names of the makes of the girls; [Will be updated if anything new they build later 🙂 ]

1. : Sanjida Akter Lipa
2. : Marjana Jahan Lisa
3.         :Sanjim Nahar Mily
4.    : Afsana Jahan Nuha
5.    :Sunsita Debnath
6.    : Suborna Begum
7.    : Sumyaya Julfa Chy
8.    : Muhe Us Sunnah Mahi
9.    : Abida Sultana Liza
10. : Tayba rahman Chy

Firefox OS App UI & UX Training at SUST

A workshop on Firefox OS App UI & UX training was organized at PGD lab, SUST on 19th may. The main concentration was to train the participants on Firefox OS App User Interface designing. Around 45 Participants of different working levels attended the event from  Shahjalal University of Science and Technology, Metropoliton University Sylhet and Sylhet Engineering College


It was organized mainly for advanced students who have been working for a good amount of time on Firefox OS. There were also a large number of participants who showed interest as beginners.


The main part was taken by Ashraful Prium , a proud Mozillian.


Participants were introduced to different tools of UI designing like – bootstrap, Iconic framework, Angular.js, etc.

Also discussion on problems faced by several participants about designing UI was held at the tail end of the event.

The Event Finally Ended with some Group Photos or inspired Mozillians and FSA


Event Facebook Link: 
Event Flickr Link:
Event Reps Link:

Mozilla Awareness Booth at SUST


After getting permitted by the university proctor, we started setting up the booth ;

About 400 people visited out booth;


We are lucky that we got few developers among the visitors;


Every contributors were given cool Firefox stickers and the developers were given Firefox buttons;

We could do better if we set the booth earlier ;


The swags arrived late;


But we had the attentions at least;


It is for sure that on any future events of Mozilla we will get huge attendees ;


We recruited lots of students as FSA;

The people who agreed to work with Mozilla in future are:

Abid Ahmed
Abul Hasan Molla
Amin Haque
Anisur Rahman
Atiqur Rahman
Atiqur Rahman
Fahim Khan
Foisal Abir
Hanif Ahmed
Imran Hussain
Jubraj Mitra
Md Mahmudul Hasan Mafy
Md. Anwar
Md. Oliullah
Md. Sakib Hossain
Monirul Islam Sarder
Musfiqur Rahman Chisty
Nadim Mahmud
Nafis Tiham
Omair Adnan
oporajita nahin
Prashanta Sharma Roy
Rakesh Das
Rasibul Kabir
Saeed Anwar
Shajedul Islam
Shuvo Roy
Sudipta Vasker
Tanik Phathan
Tashrif Omar
Uttam Anirban
Yasir Sarker
Zinnatul Islam Fahim


Thanks all who helped for the booth, specially Mainul, he did an awesome job while communicating with the visitors about Mozilla.

Outcome of ‘MozCoffee at SUST’

Cool Banner :P
Cool Banner 😛

It was my second offline event after becoming the Mozilla Representative with lots of cool swags. Thanks Konstantina for the swags.

Swags for the Participants
Swags for the Participants

Event started with an introduction and a short demonstration about ‘How to make Firefox os apps’.

Lecture on 'How to Make Firefox OS Apps'
Lecture on ‘How to Make Firefox OS Apps’

Then the main part of the event started; the app hacking. 18 cool youngsters gone wild with codes 😉

App Hacking Started
App Hacking Started

They were given guidelines the whole session:

Busy with App Hacking
Busy with App Hacking

They thought, got app idea and started journey with a new world of Firefox os.

helping 2

They coded, they laughed, and they made fun!

Code Runs!
Code Runs!

What could be more amazing than running your first FireFox app on simulator?

YAY!!! My app is running on simulator!
YAY!!! My app is running on simulator!

We had a lunch break and refreshment break before the app demonstration started;

temsed hacker
Tonmoy and Ishtiaq thinking to make the “Perfect Match” 😛
ভাই আমি কিছুই পারি না!! 😛
আমি IELTS এ যাই পাই না কেন, এপ দিয়া স্কোর হিসাব করুম 😀
আইজকা কিছু একটা বানাইয়াই ফালামু! 😛

They started demonstrating Then.

demonstration 1
আমি ফিউচার নভোচারী 😛 আমার এপ হইলো ‘Astro Calendar’!
demonstration 4
আগেই কইসিলাম, আমি কিন্তু IELTS এ ১০/১০ পামু 😛
demonstration 3
আমরা পারফেক্ট ম্যাচ! আর কিছু কওয়া লাগবো? 😀
demonstration 2
ভাই, আমার এপ দিয়া আপনি ‘Minions’ দের ভাষা বুঝতে পারবেন। 😉

Then we took photos. And distributed the swags!


1st prize
ভাই, ‘কি দরকার ছিলো এইসবের?’ 😛
2nd prize
ম্যাচ পাইসি 😀 😀
3rd prize
আমার চাইতে ভালো ‘পোজ’ আর কে দিতে পারবে? 😛

Lets shout “Mozilla”!!! 😀 😀

yay 1
জোরসে বল, “মজিলা” ! আরো জোরে, “মজিলা” 😉 🙂

The apps build on that day are:



Participant Name

His/Her App Name

Abu Sabik Mahdi


Saleh Tonmoy

Perfect Match

Sourov Das Shuvo

Astro Calendar

Joyonta Modak

Firefox OS App Tutorial

Piali Dey

Beauty Queen

Shahin Ahmed

Sylhet Tourist Guide

Muhammad Muhiuddin Apu


Kazi Mainul Islam

Fun With Minions

Sabrin Nowrin

Morse Code Trainer

Kowshik Das

Class Routine

Yasir Sarkar

Bangla Chora

Sakibul Islam Shishir

Keep an Idiot Busy

Omar Sohrab

Mojar Chora

MozCoffee at SUST



6th March 2015, A remarkable day for me.
For the very first time feeling proud to organise my first event as Mozilla Reps.

Opening Speech about MozCoffee

It was pleasant gathering of 23 Mozillians on  the Rooftop of Cafeteria of Shahjalal University of Science and Technology and everyone was excited to hear about Mozilla activities and about the this MozCoffee.

Excited Mozillians

I gave a brief how they can contribute to Mozilla. I told them it’s not a job, it’s community of developers, designers, organizers, and lot other dedicated people who are contributing in their own ways and it is a worldwide network.

Yes ! We can do it !
Yes ! We can do it !

Agenda :

1. Planning of the next event

2. How can we make it a bigger group of contributors’

3. Discussed the way how they can contribute to Mozilla

I did quote one thing,

“If somebody offers you an amazing opportunity but you are not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later!”                  …. Sir Richard Branson.

Referring to this quote, i made them understand how it will help them and it’s a opportunity to ‘say yes’ and it will be life changing. They will experience something great.

Coffee time
Coffee served

After the sessions of discussion , coffee being served.

Mozillians discussing among themselves.

While the Mozillians were discussing among themselves, I planned on something to capture the moments of their excitement and for that after the coffee, I filmed the Mozillians thoughts about the MozCoffee with the help of a film maker who was there with us.


More photos of the coffee sessions.

Coffee Time Coffee Time Coffee Time Coffee Time


SELFIES’ all along…..

Selfie Selfie


After the coffee we gathered for a group photo and they all asked me thank Mozilla for this Mozcoffee.

Group Photo. Happy faces.

At the end of the group photo, the filming session stated, I am editing the videos at the moment, soon will be uploaded.

Thank you all and also those who took time to read it.





#Mozcoffee #MozillaatSUST #MeetUp